Friday, February 24, 2012



I Couldn't resist posting the ultrasound photos! They're too cute. Jacob, my mom and mother in law got to experience the ultrasound with me! It was so much fun~ the tech was amazing and showed/explained everything. Little BOY looks healthy and happy in there! He's quite the chill little guy- just like his mom and dad! haha!

 I LOVE this one! It looks just like Jacob. He does the same thing in pictures... opens his mouth all wide and smiles like this! Too cute!
 I just think the heart rate is cool-- and how they can see all four chambers, and tell if blood is flowing in and out properly already.

 Here's the boy shot! No mistaking it! :o)


How Far Long? 20 Weeks, 3 Days

Size of Baby? Size of a Banana!
Total Weight Gain?  7 lbs~ I'm officially the heaviest I've ever been at 144 lbs!

Maternity Clothes? Mostly my regular clothes but I have a couple maternity pieces that are pretty comfy.

Sleep? Sleeping great.

Food Cravings? V8 fruit juice in the morning, graham crackers with chocolate frosting, taco bell, cutie oranges, and have been craving McDonald's Iced Coffee~which by the way, the Dr. gave me the ok to indulge in! :o)

Stretch Marks? None yet- but trying to exfoliate and lotion my belly!

Gender? BOY!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery ready!

Highlight Of The Week: Obviously seeing baby on the ultrasound and finding out it's a boy!

Weekly Wisdom: Include your family and friends during your pregnancy. They're just as happy and excited as you are and it's fun to share the journey with them!

Milestones: Hair is growing on babies head! He can hiccup now. From here on out, my uterus will grow approximately one centimeter each week until I deliver! Wow~ get ready baby bump!

Symptoms: Bleeding gums (well one tooth actually) every night while brushing, bloody/stuffy nose.

Belly button in or out: In

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marriage Editions!

Tuesday Ramblings From An Old Married Couple:

  • Someone said "Boo...Hiss..." on the tv. Jacob comments: "That's so you Tiff."  Lol.
  • Jacob: "I've been looking better than average lately I think." -- That made me laugh. But yes dear, I think you have been too. :o)
  • Me: (singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You) " I think I had too much sugar." Jacob: (looks up from the computer with little expression) "Apparently."
  • There is no door on our bedroom bathroom. And I swear Jacob ONLY walks in the bedroom when I'm using it. And he proceeds to freak out every time he walks in on me.  It's quite ridiculous.
  • Please for the love of God put a door on that bathroom honey!!!! 
  • This week I yelled at a lady in McDonald's drive thru. (pregnancy hormones I guess!) I really wanted an iced coffee, since I have not had one sip since I became pregnant. We were on our way to church and waited in line FOREVER while this lady couldnt figure out what she wanted. The line next to us went through like 6 cars before I lost it, rolled down my window, and yelled "HURRY UP LADY!" Lol!! SO NOT LIKE ME. Jacob was slightly scared. haha!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Calling All Mommy's!

Since I will be able to start shopping for baby soon (yay!) and creating a registry, I wanted to get some opinions on what is the best baby gear out there. I have absolutely NO clue what the difference is on most of this stuff-- and the options are endless it seems like. 
 I need some experts opinions!


Pack n Play? (baby will be sleeping in one of these in our bedroom for the first little while)

Car Seat?



Crib mattress?

Any other random baby item I DEFINITELY need or DONT need?

I know a lot of you see my posts on facebook so feel free to comment on either site! :o)  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

19 Weeks, 1 Day

How Far Long? 19 Weeks, 1 Day.

Size of Baby?Size of an heirloom tomato or a large mango. (about 6 inches head to bottom!)

Total Weight Gain?  3-4 lbs

Maternity Clothes? Some of both! I'm loving my maternity work pants though. So comfy!

Sleep? Sleeping good.

Food Cravings? V8 fruit juice in the morning. Cookies. :o)

Stretch Marks? None yet- but trying to exfoliate and lotion my belly!

Gender? Will find out on February 23rd. CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery ready!

Highlight Of The Week: Feeling baby move is always the highlight! And getting the nursery all cleared out and ready to start decorating!

Weekly Wisdom: Stretch!! I've been SO tight and sore lately. I need to do a better job of daily stretching.

Milestones: Babies arms and legs are in proportion and baby is doing all kinds of matrix like moves! Baby can hear my voice now! Hair on the scalp is now sprouting!

Symptoms: Round ligament/stretching pain

Belly button in or out: In

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midweek Randoms

Two movies I've watched lately that were totally interesting and heartfelt:

1. The Pregnancy Project

I saw this girl on a talk show a few months ago and was interested in her school project where she "pretended" to be pregnant. Her story was made into a book, and now a movie on Lifetime which I watched recently.  It's a very eye opening and real story about how we all deal with teen pregnancy. Watch it!

2.  Like Dandelion Dust

I read this book a few years ago and I recently saw it on my TV guide. If you haven't read or watched it you need to! It's very dramatic and heartwrenching~ especially those who are close to those who have adopted children. Beware-- you will cry!

Book I'm Reading:
Prayers for baby

This is a great book for expectant mothers! My mom got this for me and I love it. Every week it has a little bit on babies development as well as mom's "growing" adjustments! It then has a page of prayers for your babies specific development during that week!
Makeup I'm Loving:

Bare Minerals makeup kit. There's two of these limited editions and I have both! (Thanks to my sister-in law!) They come with a tutorial for 3 different looks as well which is really handy!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

17 Weeks, 2 Days!

How Far Long? 17 weeks, 2 days

Size of Baby? About 5-6 Ounces and about 5 inches long! The size of an onion or the size of your palm! How crazy!

Total Weight Gain?  3-4 lbs

Maternity Clothes? Wearing my belly band everyday now with my work clothes! Have a couple maternity shirts and will probably be shopping for pants this weekend!

Sleep? Still sleeping fine.

Food Cravings? Gardetto's this week. :o)

Stretch Marks? None yet-trying to exfoliate and lotion my belly!

Gender? Will find out on February 23rd. CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!

What I'm Looking Forward To: February 23rd ultrasound!!

Highlight Of The Week: Feeling baby move! I've obviously never experienced this before, so I cant be 100% sure, but I've felt it a few times at night or when I'm squished at my desk at work.  It's a little "tap, tap" coming from the inside. :o)

Weekly Wisdom: Take full advantage of energy spurts!


  • Umbilical cord is growing longer and stronger
  • Baby is finally putting on fat
  • Baby is practicing sucking and swallowing

Symptoms: Hungry! Back aches at times. Get worn out easier.