Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Miss Kennedy Faith's Birth Story

Kennedy Faith Neighbors
Born January 29, 2015 at 12:50 am
7 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches

The morning of January 28, I sent Jack to daycare so I could have a little downtime to get a few things done around the house and do a few nice things for myself before baby arrived. I got my toes and nails done, enjoyed a nice Starbucks frappe, and then went home to do some last minute nesting and do some walking to see if I could get things moving! I picked Jack up after lunch and we both took naps and woke up around 4:00.

Contractions started somewhere around 6:00 when Jacob got home and I enlisted his help in making dinner while I tried to take it easy. I started timing the contractions, but didnt think much of it since I'd had them on and off the past few weeks. During dinner though, some of them were starting to be pretty uncomfortable so I started timing them. For about an hour they were every 3-4 minutes lasting about a minute long. Sort of like how Jack's labor went- just all the sudden started out of nowhere! Around 7:00 we decided we should take Jack to my parents house for the night just in case, which he was stoked about, and I'm glad we did! By the time we got home, I took a shower, got my bags for the hospital ready, and by that time contractions were stronger and about 2-3 minutes apart. I still wasnt fully convinced I was in labor but I was starting to be in more pain so we called the hospital and came in. Jacob told me we needed to go because he didnt want me to miss my epidural! :)

We arrived at the hospital about 9:00 and got into the monitoring room right away and got hooked up to the monitors and checked. I was at 3 cm. Same as I was with Jack when I was admitted with him! Contractions were now getting hard to talk through or stand up. The nurse said they would come check me in a few hours to see if I really was progressing and could be admitted and I could walk around if I wanted to but I opted to stay in the bed, and I knew I would be progressing fast.  About 30 minutes later I told Jacob I needed the epidural, my pain was getting bad. He went to get the nurse and she came back and said I'd definitely progressed more so they would call the doctor up. At this hospital the doctor has to come check you and give the go ahead before the epidural for some reason. So they moved me to a different room and by the time the doctor got there, I was around 7 cm and in some INTENSE pain. This was probably around 11:00. By the time the anesthesiologist came to get my epidural I was about jumping off the bed wanting to die. He had a trainee with him, which was super annoying because it took FOREVER for them to get everything ready, and then the trainee didnt quite get it in right and hit a nerve twice which was almost more intense than a contraction was! Finally I got some relief about midnight or right before. My water broke shortly after I got the epidural and when the nurses came in to clean it up and check me I was at a 10 and ready to push. The nurse said, "Oh goodness... DONT PUSH!" She ran out and got the doctor and they rushed to get everything ready and in 3 pushes she was out! SOOO much easier than Jack! I was so surprised at how fast it was! She was laid on my chest right away and we got to do skin on skin for a long time and feed her before she was weighed or bathed or anything like that which I did not get to do with Jack so I was so thankful.

Recovery was a lot faster this time around too, I was up and moving around just fine the next morning.  Could not have asked for a better experience this time around! :) Well... minus the few hours of pain. Haha.

Welcome to the world sweet girl!