Monday, May 18, 2015

Jack at 2 1/2 Years Old

JACK'S 2.5 (almost 3) year update!!!
  • Jack weighs about 33 lbs
  • He can put his own clothes on by himself- for the most part. 
  • Size 10 shoes
  • Potty training was going slowly and then all the sudden in the course of like a day it seemed it started registering with him (or he just decided to do it himself) He will pee on the potty (or outside) if he isnt wearing a diaper, and has been going on the potty  for #2!! HUGE improvement from just a few weeks ago where he would literally hide and cry when I would try and set him on there. He does however, tend to want to go outside in the lawn...ahem... "like a dog." Lol!
  • He loves to wear just shorts
  • Two year molars are trying to come through, ones almost completely in
  • Vocabulary is pretty amazing- talks in full sentences and there's really not much he can't say
  • Can ride a trycicle like a champ
  • Sleeps from 8:30/9:00-7:00/7:30
  • We just recently took the crib rail down so now he's in a toddler bed! Big boy! 
  • Took a couple days for him to not get out of bed constantly- and the first night he was up all night and ended up in bed with us. Misery!
  • He still wakes up a lot earlier than you did in your crib, but its bearable.
  • He doesnt know a stranger- is super friendly to everyone. Which is good and bad! 
  • Still loves golf
  • Favorite tv shows: Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam, Frozen, Dusty (the Disney Planes one), and Big Hero
This kid always has a dirty face and half his clothes on (or none at all! Haha!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kennedy at 3 Months!

3 Months!!!
  • You havent been weighed since your 2 month appointment but I"m guessing your between 12-13 lbs
  • You're in size 2 diapers
  • Size 6 month clothes, although some of your 3 month clothes still fit but are snug
  • You smile a lot and are starting to laugh
  • You've rolled over once, but don't really try to very hard
  • You try to crawl so hard when you are on your tummy and can scoot around pretty good
  • You havent got on a routine yet- somedays you sleep 2-4 hours for naps, and sometimes, (ok, most of the time) you take catnaps of 30-40 minutes. We are working on fixing that!!! 
  • You nap in your swing and sleep with me at night
  • Still wont take a binky or a bottle
  • You HATE riding in the car
  • You really like to kick
  • Everywhere we go, you catch peoples attention with your red hair and cute little face
  • You really like your front pack, and I put you in there to fall asleep when you are having trouble
  • You still take acid reflux medicine but I think its getting better
  • You love to chew/suck on your hands
  • Starting to grab at things and try to put your dangly toys on your playmat in your mouth
  • You think your brother is pretty funny
  • Your hair hangs below your neck and your bangs are almost to your eyes
  • You have a bad case of cradle cap, just like your brother did
Your little personality is starting to come out. I can foresee a little diva in our future, but I'm hoping you will keep your laid back attitude! :) You make everyone you come in contact with you smile and I know that will stay with you! You are such a cutie patootie, and a perfect addition to our little family! 

Here's Jack's 3 Month update for comparion: