Monday, October 24, 2011

Marriage Edition~ I've been replaced....

I think I may have some new competition in the house....

The addition of "Siri" to our household seems to have captured my husbands heart.

Jacob: "Siri, is it cold outside?"
Siri: "It's not too cold out." Shows the current weather on screen.

Jacob: "Siri, I'm hungry"
Siri: "I found 4 restaurants close to where you are" Pulls up a map on screen.

Jacob: "Siri, remind me to call the doctors office at 10 am tomorrow."
Siri: "Here's your reminder tomorrow, shall I set this appointment?" Shows reminder/calendar on screen.
(Jacob has an epiphany: "I don't ever need you to remind me about anything ever again! Me, secretly thinking "Thank God." :o)

Jacob: "Siri, I love you."
Siri: "You hardly know me."

HA! At least I know she won't really love him back.... not yet at least. I hear these things develop their own personality with time. Crreeeepppy.

In other marriage news: we're currently fighting about what to make for dinner when we're hunting this week. We have two nights left to decide on food. I say easy- pizza one night, hot dogs the other.
Jacob wants- lasagna, stew, hamburgers... things that require more preparation.

Me: "Pizza Tuesday- Hot dogs Saturday. Easy.
Jacob: "This is stressing me out, can we write it all out. I'm afraid we wont have enough"
Me: "Trust me, I've got it figured out. You will not starve.We've got plenty of food. Soup, bread, peanut butter, sandwich stuff, etc..."
Jacob: "That's not how I like to eat in the mountains."
Me: "Hot dogs?"
Jacob:" They're not filling enough."
Me: "Hot dogs and chili."
Jacob: "Chili gives me...."
Me: "Everything gives you...."
Jacob: Leaves room mad.
Me: "I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars on food.
Jacob: "You dont want my advice so I'm done.
Me: " I could make tacos?..."

Saturday nights menu is still undecided....