Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family Va-cay with the inlaws!

We took a rare and long overdue vacation with Jacob's family a few weeks ago. It was a great weekend filled with lots of outdoor activities and fun!  Jack is such a social bug and he LOVES waking up to other people around- especially his family! He was wound up all weekend long!

Jacob and I paddle boarding on the lake!

I'm not so good at turning yet... haha!

So much fun!

Jack taking a snack break from a little afternoon walk. He insisted on sitting on top of the table.

First bike ride! Getting all set up!

Daddy and Son :)

At the spray park with Grandma and daddy

Grandparents. Adorable!

The boys contemplating jumping in the river to cool off. They eventually made it in!

Bottle Break!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Catch Up- Part 2

 How has the summer gone by so fast already?! I thought having a child we would stop traveling so much but we really haven't slowed down much at all. We have been gone a LOT, which has been nice. We love to travel. Jack has been a surprisingly good little traveler. We havent gone anywhere past about 4 hours in the car yet though. He's usually on the verge by hour 4. We will next month... a little nervous about that!  I always feel like the end of August is the "end of summer" because everyone is sending their kids back to school and my teacher friends are heading back to work, fall clothes start to emerge. But we still have another month at least of the warm weather. And another two trips to take. :o)

 Here is Jacob deciding on the fly to cut Jack's hair. I was inside screaming. I like his long locks! Daddy used the clippers on the back and used scissors straight across on the front.... not his best attempt let's just say. Jack didn't approve of his new look. It's a little Lloyd Christmas off of Dumb and Dumber. Lol!
 After... he's a little sad. haha.
 Oh, the bangs...

 Swimming!!! Not his favorite activity of the summer. He loves playing in the water, just not actually IN a pool where he has to be held onto. Mr. Independant.

 Playing with friends Kai and Sunny!
 Playing with cousin Izzy on vacation!
 Took Izzy golfing for her birthday weekend. She thinks she can beat me!

 Izzy's birthday ice cream at Coldstone!

 Spray park fun on vacation

 Jack's favorite attraction at the fair this year. The tractors!


 Little daredevil

Friends at the rodeo!

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Summer Catch Up

We have been busy busy this summer! Jacob has been busy at work, and we have also had fun vacationing and playing with Jack, hanging with friends. I feel like our yard work, house work, and projects I was gung-ho about in the spring have taken a serious back seat this summer! Oh well- there's always this fall, right?!

Get ready for a few blog posts of summer catch up with pictures! I'll start with our New York Trip.

We got to go on this trip with my brother and sister in law, and our friends Stephen & Jubilee. It was a work incentive trip~ which is always a plus~ and we had a great time! It was our first real vacation without Jack. We had a hard time leaving him but he was in good hands with his grandparents and he had a great time with them. I personally thought New York was a good time, I loved the variety of foods and all the shopping even though we hardly had time to do that. We went to Wicked on Broadway...AMAZING! I thought the major downfall of New York is getting around is sort of hard and takes awhile to get somewhere. We did A LOT of walking. By the end we were just paying up for taxi's we were so tired. :o) The World Trade center was so surreal... I just still can't imagine. All in all, it was a great experience. I think I would go back. Not my first or favorite vacation spot, but well worth the visit.

Grand Central Station

Rockefeller Center

New York Cheesecake!
The "Whispering Wall" in Grand central station

World Trade Center

On top of the Rock
View of World Trade Center from a boat

The boys on Wall Street

Had to go here! :o)