Thursday, October 17, 2013

Labor Day Trip to Wallowa Lake - Post Catch Up!

 Boy am I late on getting these pictures posted! The husbands had some meetings to attend to Labor Day weekend so us girls and the kids joined them for a mini vacation at Wallowa Lake over Labor Day weekend. It was a fast trip but we packed a lot of fun in! :)

Stop for lunch at McDonalds!

Going for a walk!

Daddy and Jack feeding the squirrels and chipmunks

Riding the tram! It was scary going up, but he had fun going down!

Wake up sleepy! He had to sleep in a closet. Lol!

Digging at the lake!

Fun times on the tram!

Getting ready for the bumper boats!

He HATED them! Cried so hard he had to get off. Poor kid.

Squirting daddy with a squirt gun made things better!