Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fave's & A Quote From Jacob!

Linking up with my good friend Whitney  and sharing our Summer Favorites!

Iced Coffee: I try not to drink coffee very often, and I don't drink warm coffee but I do like it iced in the summertime! My absolute favorite treat is DQ's Mocha Moo-Latte. Delicious and LOADED with calories. So I most often opt for a cheap McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee. Much less in the calorie department!
Adult Drink: Blended Pina Colada. Perfection.
Snack: I've been on a spoonful of peanutbutter and a handful of chocolate chips kick. (Random) But there's nothing like fresh raspberries. I'll eat the whole box in one sitting!
Vegetables: We grill A LOT and I always keep a bag of these Schwaan's Veggies in my freezer. Easy and yummy!

BBQ Dish: Anything cooked on the treager! 

Ice Cream: Cake batter with peanut butter mixed in.  (I know, I'm obsessed with peanut butter!)
Sandwich: This handy little sandwich maker has been a hit at our house lately.  It makes everything toasty, gooey, and warm. Perfect when it comes to making sandwiches!
 Sunscreen:  I'm a stickler when it comes to sunscreen. And rightfully so, my dad had melanoma taken out of him this past year and we watched my sister-in laws sister bravely battle it until the end.  It's a vicious cancer, but 100% curable when caught early!  My favorite brand is Neutrogena.
 Flip Flops: Any kind and color will do! Aside from work, it's all I wear in the summer.

Golfing: Jacob and I love to golf together. And I'm dying to buy a new set of clubs. These are the ones I want!

Means of Exercise: ZUMBA!  It puts you in such a good mood and its a GREAT workout! The music is fun and it works your abs!

 Firepit: There's nothing like sitting outside on your patio enjoying a backyard fire!

Quote from Jacob:
I asked Jacob if what he liked about yesterday's blog since he commented that he it was a good one.

He replied:
"It had all the elements that I like. Sassy storyline wiht a nice recipe at the end. And no trash-talking me."

I thought that was so funny. :o) And for the record... there's no trash talking on this blog! I'm only repeating the silly things we say to each other!