Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jack at 27 Months

  • You weigh 31 lbs
  • Size 2T or 3T clothes
  • Size 9 shoes!!!
  • You go pee in the potty very well if you have your underwear on but are not really close to being fully potty trained yet
  • You talk ALL the time now and talk in sentences and most of the people close to you can understand you, although mommy knows what you say best. :)
  • You love to snuggle in our bed and watch cartoons now- just like mommy!
  • You like going to daycare now, but sometimes you still say "stay home!"
  • You love to play with play dough now
  • Cheeseburgers are your favorite food
  • You seem to be excited about the new baby, and insist that you have one in your belly
  • The binky is still a comfort, but I'm not too worried about it
  • You still love your brown polka dot blankey and take it everywhere 
  • You take one nap a day, anywhere from 2-3 hours long
  • Swinging is a favorite activity of yours, especially now that we have a swingset in the backyard!
  • You still love golf and can hit it pretty far now!

We just love you to pieces little man! I cannot imagine life without you and can barely remember what it was like before you! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

23 Week Update

 23 WEEKS!!!

How Far Long? 23 weeks, Day 2

Size of Baby? Size of a grapefruit

Total Weight Gain? Not sure exactly- probably around 12 or 13 pounds

Maternity Clothes? Mostly maternity

Sleep? Sleeping fairly good but starting to get uncomfortable at times. Definitely need the body pillow now! 

Food Cravings? Pop, chocolate chips and peanut butter, fruit. Exactly the same as last pregnancy.

Stretch Marks? Yes

Gender? GIRL!!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery ready and a baby shower for little girl! :)

Highlight Of The Week: Baby girl is moving around like crazy now! Jacob felt her kick this week.

Milestones: Her face is fully formed now- just needs a little extra fat to fill it out! She's listening to mom's voice and heartbeat, and loud sounds like cars honking or dogs barking! (Which I'm sure she hears alot with Jack and Duke around!)

Symptoms:  Hard to breathe at times, heavy feeling in stomach, vericose veins.

Belly button in or out: Almost out- haha!

23 Week Comparison: