Wednesday, November 14, 2012

4 Months

4 Months Old!

  • You weigh 13.8 lbs (25th Percentile)
  • You are 25 inches long (75th Percentile)
  • The nurse thinks you are going to be a big boy!
  • You had your shots today and did a good job, but still cried pretty hard. :o(
  • You are NOT a good sleeper~ and especially fight naps
  • You do better at night, and we had two nights lately where you only woke up once and went right back to sleep until morning.
  • And then the last two nights you've woken up about 30 minutes after you fell asleep and cried for hours... hmm... can't figure you out child!
  • You're fit throwing is getting better. I've been reading the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and it is helping me to see that you are overtired and that's causing the meltdowns.
  • Also because of the book we have a bedtime routine and your bedtime is much earlier- usually by 7:00 pm.
  • You still sleep in your swing and usually end up with us late in the morning
  • We are probably going to start sleep training soon... (NOT looking forward to this!)
  • You can roll both ways and roll pretty much where ever you want to go
  • You now drink out of a bottle (formula and breastmilk) and only nurse a few times a day and during the night
  • You love to hang out with your dad
  • You're a very smiley and talkative little boy
  • You love your binky and can put it in and out of your own mouth
  • You put everything you get your hands on in your mouth
  • You love to watch your dog Duke and when he comes up to you you open your mouth for a kiss
  • You are most content in the morning right after you wake up
  • You used to hate your front pack- we tried the moby and a different one, and finally got a baby bjorn and you love it!
  • You finally are liking to go for "short" walks in the stroller
  •  You love to be standing (with help of course) and we got you a bouncer that you like
  • You like to play peek a boo now, or be wiggled around~ it makes you laugh and smile
  • You are in 3-6 month clothes, but i'm putting you mostly in the 6 month onesies now since you are so long
  • You have an ambitious, curious, silly, and temperamental but sweet personality and it's been fun watching it grow everyday!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween (belated!)

I'm finally getting around to posting some Halloween pictures!

I didnt get Jack an elaborate costume this year because I knew we'd be spending most of the day at home and really, what 4 month old wants to be in an itchy costume all day? Ok, so maybe I might've been a little bit lazy about getting everything together too... :o) Next year will be better!

He did however wear his cute little Halloween onesie and I "sort of" dressed him up for a little bit. We went down to our office on Main street and helped pass out candy to all the kids for Treats on Main. It was a madhouse down there! But Jack loved looking at all the kids dressed up and his dad walked him around for a little bit and he thought that was great.

1st Halloween!

Baby Pirate!

Jack and his cousins. Izzy was Rapunzel from Tangled and Lane was Big Foot. :o)

I think his earring is hilarious!