Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Begins!

Summer has officially begun in our house! And that means BBQ's with friends, vacations, lots of time outside, long nights, and being just plain old busy busy busy! 

I bought a new pool for Jack and it came in the mail today. He hasnt been too into his bigger real pool but loves to splash around in this little pool mat thing that squirts water. And he uses all the inflatable pieces as punching bags. Haha.
 It's always more fun with cousins!
 Boys will be boys. They went through two cartons of the firework pop-its in like 5 minutes. I wasnt sure if Jack would be scared of them if he stepped on them or if he popped them in his hand on accident but he was stepping on them bare feet and squishing them with his fingers no prob!

 And then Izzy decided she needed to pull her tooth out. Haha!! Never a dull moment.

 The evening was followed by a BBQ at friends. There's 8 kids between us four girls!

 The men. :)
 Trying to get a picture with all the kids looking proved to be more difficult that it seemed...

 Just the girls!
 And a classic- Briggy and Jack fighting over the swing. Lol!! One day they will look back and laugh at this I'm sure.

Happy Summer!