Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Vaca=Paradise!

I'm finally getting around to posting our Hawaii pics! We had an amazing vacation just the two of us for five days. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever been on. Hawaii is truly a paradise, it's not just a cliche! :) We did a lot of relaxing on the beach, eating some great food, snorkeling, exploring, and even swam at NIGHT with MANTA RAY'S! Talk about a crazy experience. And besides from getting sea sick from the rough waves on that excursion it was pretty freaking cool. Our resort at Waikoloa Mariott was perfect. Right on the beach, our room had a great view of the pool and the ocea, and the pools there were awesome too.  We will definitely be going back!

A bed cabana overlooking the beach!

Exploring sea caves!

Most of the waterfalls on the Big Island are on private land so you need a guide to get to them... this was my face after our guide stopped every two steps to talk about some other plant or legend of the island...

The water was freezing!!!

Oh I love a good edamame dish!
Manta Ray Snorkel

My dinner served in a pineapple... genius!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

23 Months Old!

23 Months Old!

  • You weigh 28 lbs
  • You're in Size 2T Clothes
  • Size 4 or 5 diapers
  • You're in size 7 almost 8 shoes
  • You've started to potty train- but mostly will pee outside. You can recognize when you have to go though and say Pee Pee before you do!
  • You've almost got all of your teeth now. Only the canine's left and they're starting to come through.
  • Everything is "Me" (as in me do it) right now
  • I read somewhere that a boys aggression peaks at age 2 then starts to decline slightly and boy are they right!! Talk about terrible two tantrums and "testing mommy" lately
  • You hate getting dressed and anytime we are outside you want your clothes off
  • You're starting to talk a lot now! Too many words to list and can say small sentences now. Mostly two word phrases. 
  • You know the number 2 very well. Mostly from mommy counting to 3 before you get in trouble. Now when I say 1 you say 2. Ha!
  • You love Lucky Charms
  • Your favorite shows right now are Bubble Guppies (which you can say oh so adorably!), and Paw Patrol (which you call Paw Paba)
  • I'm a pushover and have let you have your bottle for this long... because I've used it as a bribe to get you to do things mostly. Lol! But we have been working on phasing out the morning bottle (which was only 3 or 4 ounces of milk anyway) and the before naptime one.  I'll probably still let you have a nighttime one for a little while longer.
  • The binky might be a bigger problem.... one I am not quite ready to tackle yet!
  • Daycare has been going much better now- you seem to have fun with the other two boys
  • You like to get out of the house and go places everyday
  • You're getting slightly better about not needing me by your side so much. But you are still clingy I think.
  • You love your grandparents. You ask to see them everyday.
  • You have a huge sweet tooth like your mom and frequently ask for Ca-Ca (candy!)
  • You are down to 1 nap now, which we had to slowly phase into. You will still take two if we let you though. 
  • Sleep from about 8:30/9:00-7:30/8:00.  Not too bad! 
  • When you're not being a stinker you are being totally adorable and we love you to pieces Boo!! :)