Friday, November 6, 2015

Kennedy at 9 Months

Kennedy turned 9 Months old October 29!

  • Size 9-12 month clothes
  • Weight: will have to wait for your 9 month appointment in a couple weeks
  • One tooth on the bottom coming in finally
  • Can stand up, and can stand alone for short periods now
  • Bear crawls super fast
  • Into everything already! 
  • Your favorite place to go that you arent supposed to be is in the bathroom, going after the plunger. 
  • You love baths and are much braver in the water than Jack- you stick your whole face in the water or under the running faucet
  • You LOVE your brother. You can be asleep in the morning and if you hear his voice you literally jump up and start laughing! 
  • You like to wrestle
  • You dance and bounce and clap when music comes on
  • You are a HORRIBLE sleeper. Like, the worst. Jack at this age was sleeping from 8-7 with no waking up. You however... sleep from between 7-8:30 to about 6/6:30 with anywhere from 1-5 times a night of waking up. And the times you only wake up once are heavenly. Seriously kid. Get a clue. I'm exhausted. Love you... but not at 1 in the morning. Or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5.
  • Still exclusively nursing. (say what?!) No bottles for you yet.
  • You love your blankey
  • You are a mischevious little thing 
  • Love to smile and laugh
  • Still are a cuddler with mommy 
  • Taking 2-3 naps a day, although sometimes 4 if you take 2 little cat naps.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kennedy's 8 Month Update!


  • Size 6-9 month clothes
  • Size 3 diapers! Moved up a size this month!
  • Eating baby food and oatmeal much better now~ there hasnt been any blend that you havent liked yet.
  • Love the baby mum mum rice crackers- but you tend to stuff too much in your mouth!
  • Are pulling yourself up onto everything
  • Climbing
  • Trying to stand up from sitting
  • Playing with toys, banging things together
  • Ga-Ga gave you a little baby doll the other day and you LOVED it!
  • Still NO teeth!
  •  Love to jump in the jumparoo
  • Love to swing outside
  • You love Duke and you really love cats
  • Sleep at night is "slightly" better- you're waking up between 1-3 times, mostly twice but sometimes its every two hours. Bleh.
  • Napping is getting better though- typically 3 naps a day
  • We moved your bedtime earlier to anywhere between 7-8pm and that seems to be helping.
  • You are a smiley, silly little girl and you love to laugh!


Monday, August 31, 2015

Sleep Training Kennedy- Days 1 & 2

Kennedy refusing to lay down and fell asleep sitting up... then falling face forward. Lol!

Sunday morning started as a normal day... get up, fix breakfast, start getting ready for church.... time to put Kennedy down for her morning nap so I can finish getting ready. I nurser her and she falls asleep (as she always does), and lay her down in her crib- and only because her swing recently decided to die on me- and she immediately wakes up and starts to cry. I pick her up and rock her back to sleep, lay her back down... wakes and cries. Now if this had been a week day, Jack would have been out in the living room (or Lord knows where) watching TV or eating, or getting into something he shouldn't be. Luckily, it was Sunday and dad was occupying him.  Frustrated, and just plain mad at my baby, I decided it was time. I was sick of having to WORK to put her and keep her to sleep, all the while poor Jack is left to fend for himself for 20-30 minutes. Not ideal. Plus me being frustrated was only escalating and for the sake of both me and Kennedy it was time! So, sort of on a whim... I laid her in her crib and walked out and the sleep training began!

Day 1:
First Nap: 9:00-10:22- Cry, cry, cry!!! Every 5-10 minutes Jacob or I would go in and pat and shush, and lay her back down.
10:22-10:52: Sleep
10:52- Wakes

Second Nap: 1:40- nurse and lay down awake
1:50-2:10- Cries then passes out
2:10-5:00- Sleep!

Bath, Jammies, lavender oil on feet for bedtime routine
8:15 Nurse and lay to sleep
Literally 3 seconds of crying then fell asleep.
1:00 am Wake and nurse- no issue going back to sleep in crib
5:00 am- Wake and change poopy diaper, nurse and back to sleep
5:30-7:00 am- Sleep

Day 2:
7:00 am-Wake for the day
First Nap:
 9:00 am- Nap- Nurse and lay down
9:00-9:30- Cry then sleep (Went in twice to shush and pat to sleep)
10:00- Awake

Second Nap:
1:15- Put in bed
1:15-1:30- Went in once to pat/shush/lay down
1:37- stroked hair and shushed for a minute
1:39- asleep

Third Nap: Was hoping to not have a third nap but due to a short morning nap she couldnt quite make it until bedtime... and I dont want an early bedtime since Jack's is at 8:30
5:15: Laid down- shushed and patted
5:30 Asleep
5:55- Awake

9:11- Nursed and laid down
Laid awake, no crying, talking and moving around
9:30- Asleep

Here's to hoping for another NO CRYING night! I can handle two feedings as long as she goes back to sleep! :)  She's not as tired tonight though because she didnt fight as hard and had that third cat nap... so let's all say a prayer together! Sleep baby, sleep!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Kennedy's 7 Month Update!

I dropped the ball at updating Kennedy's 6 month stats, and she turns 7 months in a few days, so I'm just going to go ahead and go with the 7 month update! :)

  • You weigh 15 lbs- 20% percentile haha!
  • You are in 6-9 month clothes
  • Size 2 diapers
  • Started eating solids (hardly any though because you're really not that interested)
  • You've tasted sweet potatoes, apples, pears, rice cereal and bananas
  • You will take sips of water out of your sippy cup or bottle but still wont really take a bottle yet
  • You are teething and it has been miserable
  • Your acid reflux went away for awhile but seems to maybe have come back a bit- mommy's having to cut out things again.
  • You can scoot/roll your way anywhere. You're almost full on crawling.
  • You love to be around people
  • You love to bounce
  • You think your brother and your cousins are hilarious
  • You can sit up on your own now
  • You love people and are super smiley
  • We love you tons sissy boo!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Kennedy's 4 & 5 Month Update!

I cannot believe 5 months has gone by! Seems like Kennedy was born just yesterday. Time has flown by MUCH faster than it did with Jack. I felt like it was the longest 5 months of my life with Jack (Ha!) and with Kennedy it's just been so much faster and easier. :) Getting pictures has been a challenge the past two months in her crib because she can't sit up yet but is super squirmy! She is such a joy to us, rolls with the punches, puts a smile on everyone's face, and I love being her mommy!

4 Months

5 Months

  • Size 2 diapers
  • You weighed 13.4 lbs at your 4 month appointment
  • Size 6 month clothes
  • You love to smile and laugh
  • You smile at everyone
  • You roll all over the place
  • You blow bubbles, babble, and say "dada"
  • Have started to teeth the past few days
  • Your naps have gotten better- You nap about 8:30am, and then about every two hours. You've been taking 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon.  You nap in your swing still.
  • You go to bed between 9:30-11:00 pm
  • The past two weeks you have slept until between 1-4:00 am, moved to bed with me and went back to sleep until 7 or so! 
  • You start out sleeping in your sleep sack, in your swing.
  • Still taking your acid reflux medicine but I think it's getting better.
  • We've given up on giving you a binky
  • Still working on getting you to take a bottle
  • Your brother can make you laugh the hardest and you always smile at him
  • You love your grandparents, your cousins and aunts/uncles
  • You like to go for walks in your stroller 
  • You play in your exersaucer now
  • You are super squirmy
  • You are much better in your carseat now, although still dont want to be in there long if your not asleep
  • You get toted around with me and Jack a lot and tolerate it well
  • You love to be held 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bye Bye Binky!

There was a few tears shed (by both of us) but a big boy bed, new sheets, and candy were enough to distract him for the night! :)  So far there's been a lot of asking for his binky but no huge meltdowns yet!

I have a few more videos that I couldnt get to upload! One of him crying for his binky to come back, and one of him being proud to be a "big boy"! Hopefully I can get those to work later because they are pretty cute!

Night one...success.

Day 1- Naptime.... To Be Determined....

Monday, May 18, 2015

Jack at 2 1/2 Years Old

JACK'S 2.5 (almost 3) year update!!!
  • Jack weighs about 33 lbs
  • He can put his own clothes on by himself- for the most part. 
  • Size 10 shoes
  • Potty training was going slowly and then all the sudden in the course of like a day it seemed it started registering with him (or he just decided to do it himself) He will pee on the potty (or outside) if he isnt wearing a diaper, and has been going on the potty  for #2!! HUGE improvement from just a few weeks ago where he would literally hide and cry when I would try and set him on there. He does however, tend to want to go outside in the lawn...ahem... "like a dog." Lol!
  • He loves to wear just shorts
  • Two year molars are trying to come through, ones almost completely in
  • Vocabulary is pretty amazing- talks in full sentences and there's really not much he can't say
  • Can ride a trycicle like a champ
  • Sleeps from 8:30/9:00-7:00/7:30
  • We just recently took the crib rail down so now he's in a toddler bed! Big boy! 
  • Took a couple days for him to not get out of bed constantly- and the first night he was up all night and ended up in bed with us. Misery!
  • He still wakes up a lot earlier than you did in your crib, but its bearable.
  • He doesnt know a stranger- is super friendly to everyone. Which is good and bad! 
  • Still loves golf
  • Favorite tv shows: Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam, Frozen, Dusty (the Disney Planes one), and Big Hero
This kid always has a dirty face and half his clothes on (or none at all! Haha!)