Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kennedy's 2 Month Update

2 Months Old!
Super sweet, super cute, super loveable little girl!!

  • You weigh 11 lbs 15 oz - 80th percentile!
  • You are 23 inches long
  • You're in size 2 diapers
  • You wear 3 month clothes and can fit into some 6 month clothes!
  • You're starting to coo and try and "talk" 
  • You smile lots!
  • Your throwing up is better, but depends alot on what I eat too. No dairy, coffee or tomato sauces for sure.
  • You take most naps in yours swing and prefer to spend most of the evening on or next to me
  • Everyone is in love with your hair
  • You love your brother
  • You like to sleep in the front pack
  • You hate your carseat
  •  You still wont take a binky
  • You nurse ok, but still dont have a great latch, But good enough to keep breastfeeding!
  • You are a light sleeper
  • I haven't got you into a solid routine yet but I probably should start- it's a lot harder with two of you now to get on the same schedule.
  • Most of the time you still seem to wake up 30-45 minutes into a nap which is frustrating, but sometimes you'll do a long 2-3 hour stretch in the middle of the day
  • A few days ago you went 6 hours at night!