Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things Never To Say To A Mom {especially a new one!}

5 Things Never To Say or Do To A New Mom... 
  • Don't walk in on a mom who's trying to calm her crying/screaming child and say "Have you tried feeding him?"
  • If a mom is venting about her daily tasks or about how they are envious of your freedom/going out with friends, don't say, "If you need a break, why dont you go to your moms?" 
  • Never ask "Why is he/she crying or so fussy?"
  • It's probably not a good idea to say to a mom who's been dealing with a fussy baby that she is having a meltdown too
  • Don't ever wake a new mom when she's napping. --Sleep is sacred.

 So funny... Jacob and I just had this discussion. I've asked him several times to change a diaper or hold Jack and he says ,"I've gotta go poop, hold on." Seriously?! lol!

We've made it through 6 weeks! Whew! It's been a busy month and a half, but a good one. There's been a lot of learning going on- from both baby and parents! Not much sleep, and lots of kisses and cuddles. :o)

Here's some of my must have's that have been lifesavers for me during these first few weeks:

Graco Swing

My little man loves to swing! I try not to put him in there too much so he wont become dependant on it to sleep, but I think he's got some reflux going on right now so propping him up in his swing is the only thing that is comforting to him right now. Also, if he's tired at all, it will just lull him to sleep and calm him down. This how I get to take a shower in the morning!

Play Mats

I have two play mats and Jack just loves them! He bats at the toys, talks and laughs at them, and is mesmorized by the light up toy that makes music and noises. He's so cute when he's playing and chilling on them!

Gripe Water

This has saved me numerous times during the night when Jack gets super fussy due to gas or upset stomach. It also gets rid of hiccups!

I know a lot of people dont like to use pacifers anymore, but I dont care... they work for me and for Jack. He loves them. They calm him down and he goes to sleep with them really well. (They also say using a pacifer at night can reduce the risk of SIDS) He likes the MAM and NUK brands.

Dr. Brown's Bottle
I am exclusively breastfeeding right now, but Jack is a horrible latcher, and he likes to eat small portions often... and he takes forever to eat! So going out in public it's nice to pump and have a bottle on hand! These ones seem to work really well and he took to it right away. 

Look at that cute little dimple! 

Here he is loving his play mat!