Sunday, March 10, 2013

8 Months Old!

8 Months Old

  • You are a super fast crawler and climb/pull yourself up on anything and everything
  • You can walk with the assistance of a little walker
  • You still dont have any teeth popping through yet
  • You are still taking 3 naps a day
  • You give kisses and hugs now
  • You love to wave bye bye to people at the door and watch them leave out the window
  • You are Mr. Social and have to be around people or you will go stir crazy
  • Whenever you see kids you crawl towards them or smile at them
  • You never sit still
  • You still love to watch baby einstein
  • We haven't gotten you to take naps at other places very well yet- but you have slept in the pack n play at grandma's a few times
  • You started eating level 3 foods and eating the yogurt puffs and cereal
  • Your favorite toy to play with are balls
  • You are in 9 month clothes
  • You are babbling all the time now and say Mama all day long
  • You also say bop a lot and blow bubbles with your mouth
  • We are working on you saying dada but you just dont want to, even though you have said it before.
  • You get so excited when your dad comes home though and love it when we are both on the floor or at the table with you
  • We bring you into our bed every morning when you wake up for the day to drink your bottle and hang out with us while we wake up
  • You are just too cute and we love you tons little man!