Monday, August 31, 2015

Sleep Training Kennedy- Days 1 & 2

Kennedy refusing to lay down and fell asleep sitting up... then falling face forward. Lol!

Sunday morning started as a normal day... get up, fix breakfast, start getting ready for church.... time to put Kennedy down for her morning nap so I can finish getting ready. I nurser her and she falls asleep (as she always does), and lay her down in her crib- and only because her swing recently decided to die on me- and she immediately wakes up and starts to cry. I pick her up and rock her back to sleep, lay her back down... wakes and cries. Now if this had been a week day, Jack would have been out in the living room (or Lord knows where) watching TV or eating, or getting into something he shouldn't be. Luckily, it was Sunday and dad was occupying him.  Frustrated, and just plain mad at my baby, I decided it was time. I was sick of having to WORK to put her and keep her to sleep, all the while poor Jack is left to fend for himself for 20-30 minutes. Not ideal. Plus me being frustrated was only escalating and for the sake of both me and Kennedy it was time! So, sort of on a whim... I laid her in her crib and walked out and the sleep training began!

Day 1:
First Nap: 9:00-10:22- Cry, cry, cry!!! Every 5-10 minutes Jacob or I would go in and pat and shush, and lay her back down.
10:22-10:52: Sleep
10:52- Wakes

Second Nap: 1:40- nurse and lay down awake
1:50-2:10- Cries then passes out
2:10-5:00- Sleep!

Bath, Jammies, lavender oil on feet for bedtime routine
8:15 Nurse and lay to sleep
Literally 3 seconds of crying then fell asleep.
1:00 am Wake and nurse- no issue going back to sleep in crib
5:00 am- Wake and change poopy diaper, nurse and back to sleep
5:30-7:00 am- Sleep

Day 2:
7:00 am-Wake for the day
First Nap:
 9:00 am- Nap- Nurse and lay down
9:00-9:30- Cry then sleep (Went in twice to shush and pat to sleep)
10:00- Awake

Second Nap:
1:15- Put in bed
1:15-1:30- Went in once to pat/shush/lay down
1:37- stroked hair and shushed for a minute
1:39- asleep

Third Nap: Was hoping to not have a third nap but due to a short morning nap she couldnt quite make it until bedtime... and I dont want an early bedtime since Jack's is at 8:30
5:15: Laid down- shushed and patted
5:30 Asleep
5:55- Awake

9:11- Nursed and laid down
Laid awake, no crying, talking and moving around
9:30- Asleep

Here's to hoping for another NO CRYING night! I can handle two feedings as long as she goes back to sleep! :)  She's not as tired tonight though because she didnt fight as hard and had that third cat nap... so let's all say a prayer together! Sleep baby, sleep!

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